Well-designed maturity or how we showed the Nowolipie Intergenerational Activity Centre

CAM Nowolipie is a Centre for Intergenerational Activity. Its main aim is to initiate and strengthen dialogue between different generations of Warsaw residents. The Centre is open to all activities and initiatives co-created by Warsaw's residents, both those grouped in non-governmental organisations and those acting individually.

Creating such a large and nationwide service was a great challenge for us and a great opportunity to gain another interesting experience. Our work included proper market and competition research (here: solutions used by other regional governments, created with EU funding and more) prototype mock-ups, created in collaboration with the client and UX specialists, and finally, conceptual graphic design and implementation of the back and frontend by a specialised team of developers.


The mission of the Centre for Intergenerational Activity "Nowolipie" is to create, co-create activities to strengthen the activity of senior citizens and intergenerational groups, integrating the neighbourhood, district and city community, strengthening Warsaw in building the image of a city friendly and accessible to people of all ages.

The concept for the Nowolipie Centre for Intergenerational Activity was developed on the basis of the identified needs of seniors combined with the experience of those working on behalf of older people and new insights from designers designing social services that make people's lives easier, and is part of an international project called Design-led Innovations for Active Ageing (DAA).


Conceptual and schematic work is very important in our industry, especially for website projects with a not inconsiderable backend. That is why, when creating the Nowolipie portal, we approached it comprehensively, involving the team practically in its entirety and at the same time.

This immediately gave a broad view of the complexity of the project - for both graphic designers and developers. By doing this, we saved a lot of time on 'getting started' and the whole development could be done in two tracks - the graphic design and the backend of the website were created in parallel.

Project assumptions

The client's main objective was to create an information platform that is intuitive for all and able to develop the potential of participants in CAM programmes. As this is a usability project, it was necessary to create additional facilities for the visually impaired and deaf. As the implementation of WCAG in these types of sites (and more!) is slowly becoming standard, we could not overlook this requirement.

CAM is constantly developing and implementing newer and larger projects, so it was necessary to create an IT solution that also allows the site to develop and edit individual sections. The advanced and user-friendly interface of the admin panel, of course, makes this possible, and appropriate security measures protect the entire site from bot attacks and unwanted spam.

The project is a compendium of intergenerational design - it assumes maximum usability and speed in obtaining the information sought, with a pleasing modern design, in line with the 21st century and the digital age. In the design, we used a calm colour scheme and standard modules to make the site easy to navigate and move around.

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Customer feedback

Digital360's Dawid Szmigiel and his team demonstrated a high level of commitment to the contract. All the planned work was carried out reliably, professionally and on time. Particularly noteworthy is the Contractor's availability and flexibility: if additional meetings and contacts are needed or if questions are to be answered, as well as the transparent way in which actions taken and results of work are communicated. The team involved in the implementation of the website are service contractors with specific design requirements, especially with a high time priority and large scale of the subject matter.

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