The maritime climate is particularly close to our hearts, which is why we have presented the Gdansk Shipyard site from the best... site!

We all come from the seaside - and that, in a way, obliges us :) The multitude of ideas and creative solutions grew in our heads as we discussed and consulted with the client, and finally the project came into being - and not just any project!


Baltic Operator Sp. z o.o. is part of the Baltic Industrial Group. The company is actively involved in the management, optimisation and development of companies in the broadly defined international shipbuilding, wind energy, offshore and transhipment infrastructure industries, working in close cooperation with and drawing on the experience of Stocznia Gdańsk S.A. and Stocznia Gdańska Sp. z o.o.

As the leader of an industrial consortium, Baltic Operator is particularly focused on business development towards modern, complex products manufactured using the best available technologies and management techniques.


From the beginning, we knew we had to use all our skills to make the new website truly amazing. We simplified the new site as much as possible, making it clean, clear and uncluttered. The result is a website that is not only easy to navigate, but is actually a pleasure to use!

The website is created in a modern one-page convention, which does not have separate sub-pages, and the movement of the scroller up and down loads the relevant content. With the right preparation - gathering the right intelligence and market research - we were able to create an innovative site, combining an elegant layout, intuitive site design and responsiveness so that it is correctly displayed on any device, in any situation.

Project assumptions

The main objective of the project was to create an image page for the operator, which would allow it to build the image of a company that is reliable, modern and in step with the times when it comes to web solutions. The website is also a market response to the need to publish key events, training courses and public information.

This is one of a number of our such prestigious projects, which we approached with great enthusiasm and no less ambition. We extremely wanted "our regional" project to be not only modern, but also innovative, in the spirit of taking our clients' businesses to the next level :-) We therefore created a slightly different version of the one-page website, which impresses with its form and simplicity. The sparse colour scheme used and the realistic, high-quality photographs that illustrate the text material complement the modern design, creating a very elegant and modern image website.

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Customer feedback

Digital360 realised a website for our company according to the requested specifications. We recommend cooperation with this company because of the quality and punctuality of the specialists, as well as the appropriate human and technical potential to carry out the tasks assigned.

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