Project assumptions

Another online shop with natural cosmetics has come out from under our mice and keyboards. We wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't do it, again: different, better, stronger, more... :-)


Cosmetin is a Polish company distributing natural and organic cosmetic products of the best brands from all over the world. The company's aim is to promote natural methods of skin and body care and a widely understood healthy lifestyle. In the shop created by us you can find products free of artificial ingredients, parbenes, silicones and synthetic dyes. The range of cosmetics on offer is 100% safe and highly specialised.

In addition, the brand pays great attention to shipping orders in eco-friendly packaging with the greatest care and accuracy. These shipments can be likened to small works of art that are a real pity to unpack!


Our design relied heavily on very simple elements - the emblem of the logo - the palm leaf, and a lot of space, breath between the different sections.

The entire site is kept in a pastel colour palette, heavily minimalist to maximise the beauty and naturalness of the high quality products on offer. Our idea, combined with intuitive software, met with the client's approval, so that the implementation and merchandising of the coded website itself went smoothly and relatively quickly.

Project assumptions

The premise of the project was to encourage the right customer groups to use a modern e-commcerce solution. We took comprehensive care of both a proper, neat design, maximum usability and user comfort, as well as an easy-to-navigate CMS system, based on Woocommerce software, which gives unlimited possibilities for future editing and expansion of the existing website.

The loading speed of the platform was also important, so we carried out appropriate tests and analyses, optimising the code and graphic material on the website to make it "light" enough to load quickly even on slower devices and computers.

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SCOPE OF WORK Concept, design, ux design, ecommerce, development SEE ON-LINE

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We allow time in each project for thorough testing and to ensure browser compatibility.

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