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We are familiar with the building services sector due to the considerable number of projects already completed. This time, a website was created for Grundline - Domax, realised according to the guidelines of the manufacturer of DMX pole bases. The realisation combines an online shop with an information page and a blog, thanks to which a credible image of a stable and reliable brand, resiliently operating on the nationwide market, is being built.


GRUNDLINE® is a new brand in the pole base market. It combines both less complex products for mounting an umbrella or dryer, but also specialised products for advanced constructions.

The GRUNDLINE® brand offers comprehensive solutions for all types of wood pole-to-floor connections required for erecting garden structures. The range includes more than 50 new models of pole bases and accessories, but also the well-known, classic DMX products.


After appropriate market and competition research and discussions with the client, the first projects were created combining an online shop with an image website and a blog. It was intended that all three elements would interact and complement each other. A coherent and elegant design completes the whole and is the 'dot over the i'.

Project assumptions

The brand owners were keen for maximum simplicity in navigating the site, while maintaining elegance and minimalism in the graphic design. The main goal here was a design based on minimalism, which was achieved through a delicate design. Excellent photographs, perfectly integrated into the base of the site, showing the client's previous realisations. Naturally, we met these objectives 100%!

We professionally designed and created an intuitive navigation system, implemented an advanced category list, which we encapsulated in an easy-to-use admin panel. The potential customer, on the other hand, has a neat and uncomplicated purchasing process. The result is a site that meets the requirements of both sellers and buyers.

As intended, the whole thing was supplemented by a blog section, which is also a question-and-answers collection, giving the service exceptional usability.

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