The realization of the website for the National Cultural Centre was just music to our ears!

We also supported the National Centre of Culture with our knowledge and experience, for which we created a website in the style of a songbook. It was another interesting experience for us, working with public interest projects.


The 'Niepodległa' project is a government project of Culture, National Heritage and Sport within the framework of the 2017-2022 NIEPODLEGŁA Multiannual Programme, aimed at popularising and interactively archiving songs and chants from Polish history.

Part of the collection is made up of songs popularised during both world wars, in the inter-war years, and after 1945 - among the Cursed Soldier. In this group of over thirty songs, which includes songs associated today with the Polish Legions, there are also several texts and melodies from earlier years. Written in the 19th century and sung by previous generations of Polish soldiers and insurgents, they gained popularity or were reintroduced into the consciousness of the general public in the years of both world wars.


The aim of the project was to commonise patriotic attitudes and behaviour and to present materials of a patriotic nature, mainly texts and note sheets of Polish patriotic songs.

Accordingly, the design presented was based on the national colours. The dominant colour is white, and the images presented on the website are large, expressive, placed based on simple typography.

An interesting and innovative module is the sections allowing patriotic songs and hymns to be played directly from the website, on any mobile or desktop device.

Project assumptions

The project's aim was to create such an interface and facilities that would make it possible to access the original texts, notes and chords for all the pieces presented free of charge, access the source accompaniments and, naturally, the whole thing would be extended to include versions for people with disabilities.

Of course, all these assumptions were met, professional minimalism won in the design, which looks light and elegant, and all elements are clear and easily accessible to the user. It is also not without reason that the rule of a maximum of three clicks is applied here to get the most "inside" of the site - a major convenience for people with disabilities and visually impaired.

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Customer feedback

The company Digital360. The interactive agency created a website for the National Centre of Culture,, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining independence.

Digital360 demonstrated creativity, reliability and flexibility at all stages of website development. As a result, the order was delivered as expected - professionally and quickly.

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