How did we create a modern website for Reball?

Reball is a company with many years of experience, selling BGA equipment, accessories and soldering stations to carry out the process of changing the balls under the processors, the so-called BGA reballing process. The brand supplies complete service solutions and chemistry to professional service shops, factories, government or scientific institutions.


Reball supplies complete service solutions, equipment, accessories and chemicals to professional service centres, factories, government agencies, educational or scientific institutions. The extensive product range is constantly being expanded with new products that appear on the world's service markets.

Very often, they are the first to offer the latest solutions introduced to many service industries. In order to keep up with the trends, they keep an eye on new products presented by the world's largest manufacturers of electronic components. Thanks to many years of cooperation with the largest manufacturers in the industry, the company can offer customers products of the highest quality at very affordable prices.


Our task was to design and implement a modern website to elevate the company's online presentation. We used simple forms in the form of isometric infographics, with a sparing number of photographs - such a design was very much in the tastes of the owners and, as it turns out, new contractors and colleagues.

Project assumptions

The client's main objective was to create a comprehensive website in the form of an image site, which would also bring together all the core values and details of the brand's offering. An additional requirement was to create a news section, support in the form of an advanced file search engine, as well as space for job advertisements.

We managed to encapsulate the whole thing in a sleek and uncluttered design that is modern and fits perfectly with the theme as well as the company's style.

Inherent in this type of website is also the necessary responsiveness and full code optimisation, which guarantees smooth operation and fast page loading, even with slower internet connections.

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