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Chcee is a portal that brings together the most talented Polish creators, artists, designers and craftsmen. It is a space where you can present yourself to the world, gain support, professional tools and knowledge to help you spread your wings and soar to a whole new level of artistic financial freedom.


The owners are people who want to create a community made up of people who love beauty, but at the same time stand firmly on the ground.

They believe in the power of synergy. Each of the brands participating in the community has the power of attraction. Together, they create a magnet of strength that no one can resist. Their aim is to create a place where you have your own autonomous space, but they also draw on the great potential of the collective to which they belong. Here, they become part of something bigger without losing their individual character and authenticity.


We approached this unconventional subject, quite unconventionally, as we began to look at... the work of the artists already affiliated. In view of the art and the various graphic forms that were to be presented on the site, there was no other advice - the design of the website had to remain strongly minimalist, simple and even ascetic.

With this project, we believe we are demonstrating emphatically that less is more and that seemingly empty spaces are not empty at all - they actually 'scream' with pure form and transparency.

As in all of our projects, we have placed just as much emphasis on user-experience and overall usability. The mobile versions have, of course, also been fine-tuned down to the smallest detail and guarantee smooth operation on any device.

Project assumptions

The design aimed for maximum simplicity with a minimum of elements and 'flavours'. The entire design was to be kept in black and white, so as not to distract from the graphic material presented on the site.

In terms of usability, assumptions were also made about the appropriate structure of the site, the creators' panel, the possibility of generating links, or sub-pages with appropriate sections for individual categories or provinces.

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SCOPE OF WORK Concept, design, ux design, ecommerce, development SEE ON-LINE

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nowoczesne projekty sklepów internetowych
nowoczesne projekty sklepów internetowych
nowoczesne projekty sklepów internetowych
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Customer review

Our work is a passion, which is why we work with pleasure and great commitment.
This clearly translates into the quality of our services and efficiency.

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