ak with watchmaking precision, we have created an online watch shop

An online shop is currently the most popular form of active e-commerce sales. In order for a newly created service to start bringing measurable benefits and sales in a short time, it is necessary to prepare not only the appropriate graphic design, but also the entire implementation, advertising campaigns and marketing moves aimed at promoting the brand. In this case, we took care of coding the online shop in the Woocommerce system.


The result of the joining forces of specialists in the watch and design industry, working together with fashion designers, stylists and artists. The initiators have more than 20 years of experience in building creative brands of the fashion and design world. The company has also achieved success in investing in existing international brands with interesting creative trends.

The client's need was to create an online space for selected, distinctive products with original ideas and high quality, each with its own unique characteristics. As the company brings together brands from all over the world, creating a comfortable space and wider accessibility for a passionate audience was a top priority for us.


Implementing a platform that sells watches from renowned brands was a project that required our experience and the latest coding standards. We managed to code a modern website that is usable and functional on all available mobile devices.

Project assumptions

As we mentioned above - the client's most important requirement was to create a suitable back-end and a form of presentation for high-quality products, in remarkable parameters and designs. We made every effort, loading the page was fast and smooth.

All of this would not have been possible without the right backend - woocommerce, which was prepared according to the client's needs and configured to make the handling of incoming orders as simple as possible. There are discount voucher modules, the ability to tag groups of customers, an order status management panel and all sorts of statistics collected from the first day the shop was published online.

Complementing the purchasing process is also the company's blog, which provides a knowledge base on the range on offer. The authors provide advice and answer questions on maintenance, use or servicing.

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Customer review

A company professionally trained in e-commerce development. Realised the design of the website,of our sales service - comprehensively in a perfect way, within the agreed deadline ... Today This is a rarity in the IT matter...Website are transparent and factual. They present the project and They implement step by step. They support with ideas like from their sleeve. IT professionals of the class.
Definitely recommended!

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