How we created Poland's first car rental and leasing service is the first advanced online platform in Poland to offer vehicle financing services. It could be written that "we were designing long-term rental before it was fashionable" :) Creating the concept, the first mock-ups and coming up with the whole system for searching and presenting offers was quite a challenge.


Auto-planeta is a portal for finding the car of your dreams by matching the right financing. The company offers long-term leasing, leasing for companies, leasing for private customers, car loans and concierge services for vehicle purchases. This innovative form was created by car enthusiasts in conjunction with experts in finance and financial markets.

Experience and in-depth knowledge have enabled the owners to develop proprietary, innovative and, above all, secure solutions in the field of leasing and long-term vehicle rental, tailored to the individual needs of each client. Virtually the same philosophy is followed at Digital360, so despite the complexity and dose of innovation, this project could not fail!


Despite many fears and question marks, we approached the subject as we like to do at Digital360 - task-oriented and creative. The first sketches looked almost like building a spaceship ;) however, in the end, we managed to come up with solutions and designs that, when combined, became readable and usable on all available devices.

Project assumptions

The client's requirements for form and appearance were as minimalistic as possible, so simple forms were used, and the colour scheme was adjusted in a minimalist manner. According to the project's assumptions, the vehicles should be in the foreground, as the company's basic offer. Other elements should form the background so as not to mask or distract the user. The advanced search system for real offers is intuitive, works quickly and smoothly, which has a positive effect on the positioning and rating of the domain in search engines.

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CUSTOMER Auto Planeta


SCOPE OF WORK Concept, design, ux design, ecommerce, development See online

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Customer feedback

I recommend for 100%! I am very impressed with the work, commitment and solutions implemented by Digital360 in building the web portal.
The specialists took all the suggestions into account, adjusted the design accordingly, prepared advanced technical solutions and the final result is breathtaking!

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