Project assumptions

How did we discover a taste for Manalay-style adventure?

Boutique travel agency Manalay approached us with great expectations and a dream that the owners really wanted to fulfil - to have a beautiful and sophisticated website. We had no choice but to make this dream come true, after all, we are the best at stylish websites! :-)


The website project was realised for the Manalay travel agency. It is a company dedicated to organising unique and unforgettable tours with a unique character. Manalay is a brand unlike any other - created by passionate people, still hungry for the world, for clients who love to travel to unexpected corners and expect great memories. The unique nature of the tours and the ability to customise all aspects is one of the many advantages that the company prides itself on and has secured a good position and reputation in the not-so-easy foreign tour market.


After initial discussions and initial brainstorming, we knew one thing for sure: this MUST be a truly phenomenal website. One that would attract with its design and interest a potential experienced traveller, but also a layman wishing to visit the farthest corners of the world. This is how our adventure began, and then it only got better!

Project assumptions

We have to be honest with ourselves that there are clients who are afraid of innovation. Of looking different from the rest of 'their' industry. (Even though they claim otherwise at first, of course :) ) Fortunately, in Manalay we were able to let our imagination run wild and offer something truly unique and fully capturing the vibe of exotic tailor-made trips. A very big asset here are the wonderful photographs (most of which were taken by the owners of the office during many of their own expeditions!) which play the main role and make us want to pack our backpacks and set off into the world right away. Not wanting to 'drown out’ graphic material of such quality, we opted for pastel colours and the simplest possible layout of the individual sub-pages, which had the desired effect.

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