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Croard is a manufacturer of wooden components for building garden furniture yourself. A very interesting idea, which has met with considerable interest in our neighbouring neighbours. Hence, our design and implementation, had to be equally interesting and innovative.


Croard is our German client, a manufacturer of wooden components for self-assembly of garden furniture. The brand has taken an innovative approach to the idea of building the terrace structures of one's dreams, providing 'building blocks' that the customer, with the help of simple and clear instructions, can assemble according to his or her needs and the dimensions of the area.

Croard offers all kinds of sawn and drilled wooden boards in a wide range of colours. Each order is accompanied by the relevant instructions and additional materials - the buyer thus does not need any other tools or raw materials.


We approached this project with great curiosity and a desire to create something truly unique. Interestingly, the website we created is not an online shop at all, but an information platform combined with a product catalogue, from which you can download the necessary manuals and watch tutorials on furniture assembly.

High-quality materials and renderings provided by the client deserve a separate mention - simple minimalist furniture placed as moving animations complement the graphic design well and make the site look very interesting.

Project assumptions

The basic assumption when designing the site was to present the products in as simple and intuitive a way as possible, along with 3d animated presentations and an online manual. we took care of a minimalist and simple layout with lots of light, relying on an earthy colour palette of browns, greens and beiges, and we also put a lot of effort into the User Experience theme. We opted for proven layouts and an arrangement of elements that always converts well and leads the user, as it were, by the hand through the entire length of the site.

Importantly, a large amount of good quality content was cleverly implemented in a simple design. In addition - the use of appropriate meta descriptions and the implementation of the latest, correct coding standards have had a positive impact on search engine positioning.

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