How we became the creators of the station service in... Katowice!

It was quite a surprise for us when it turned out that we would be designing a website for a railway station in... Katowice! It was, of course, also a great pleasure but also a challenge - having quite a lot of experience in the automotive industry, the 'railway station' was the first in our collection :)


The first buses departed from the Sądowa Interchange Centre on 30 September 2020.

This investment of PLN 66 million zloty allows to serve both local and regional connections within the Metropolis, and also serves as an international bus station. The investment includes a passenger service building, covered bus platforms and public transport stops, a bicycle parking area with a city bike station and a car park.

There are boards at the bus stops displaying information on bus routes. Facilities include a waiting room for travellers, toilets, luggage lockers, a kiosk, a bistro and a ticket office. The facility is wheelchair accessible and has free WiFi.

So much for the theory. What is Katowice's railway station like in real life? It is unique - it is alive 24/7, it is modern and you can feel the atmosphere of a unique city. Roofed shelters, tidy platforms, well-placed rest areas for travellers and a wide range of catering facilities make it an attractive point on the map not only in Poland, but also in Europe.


We approached this project with great curiosity and a certain amount of uncertainty, a little unsure of what to expect. As it turned out, we quickly found common ground with the marketing people and managed to come up with a pretty slick design complete with an advanced search engine, timetables, travel zones and an easy-to-use admin panel. A separate issue was the creation of WCAG versions, which naturally also came about.

Project assumptions

The most important theme with this type of design is, of course, readability, responsive adaptation and also facilities for the visually impaired and disabled. Naturally, we combined, in our style, a simple and colourful design with maximum usability of the user experience. The site has a clean, uncluttered look and feel - specially created and designed iconography, well-chosen photographs and appropriately edited content complement the high-quality, European-style website.

Of course, the design has been adapted to the needs of all users, including those who prefer to use mobile devices with different screen sizes, as well as the visually impaired and the deaf.

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Customer feedback

PKM Katowice sp. z o.o. certifies that Digital360 has duly executed the contract for the creation of the new website for the International Bus Station in Katowice.The newly created website meets all requirements and standards with a functional solution, including an interesting and modern design and a professional CMS system, which makes navigation very easy.

Digital360 delivered the project in a timely manner and during the design and coding process of the site, staff kept us informed of progress and were accessible and helpful.

PKM Katowice sp. z o.o. recommends Digital360 as a trustworthy partner and as a reliable team of specialists.

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