We have fashioned a passionate, tailor-made online shop!

As we have already owned more than one children's clothing shop, we were happy to design another site that has the potential to become a recognisable, well-known and respected brand of Polish children's clothing and more :)


Drapichusty a small handmade studio created by two exceptional friends, Marta and Kasia. The ladies create unusual products that are all-natural and the whole company is kept in the spirit of 'zero waste'.

The owners, in their own words, complement each other perfectly, creating unusual clothing for children on a daily basis. Interestingly, and worthy of a big bow - acting in the spirit of zero waste, the brand gives a second life to clothes that are torn, flawed or have worn out knees, making them into brand new garments!


Seeing the commitment and passion of our clients, we had to come up with, something really WOW! We used unusual solutions in the design, which gave the project a character and style that would make the online shop memorable and positively perceived. We're talking about effects reminiscent of children's scribbles - in hover effects or navigation of design elements.

Project assumptions

Customers were strongly attracted by good quality design and the appropriate display of photos of the garments being sewn. The second important aspect was an intuitive and well-thought-out purchasing process that would not have too many steps, but would also include all the necessary forms and consents to complete the transaction.

In addition to the technical aspects, it was important for the whole project to look cheerful, full of warm, saturated colours, beaming with warmth, cosiness and conveying positive energy. We believe we have done 100% of the job - customer and user satisfaction, as well as the soaring Google Analytics figures confirm this.

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CUSTOMER Drapichrusty


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Customer feedback

We chose Digital360 from over a dozen different agencies to create the online shop www.drapichrusty.pl. It was a great choice and working with the team - young, creative, committed and professional went very well on the every step of the way in developing the shop. I am very pleased and proud of what we have been able to to create together.

And even though the shop has been running for a few months, I can still count on the support and help of the almost any time of day or night. Patience and the ability to explain the intricacies of the operational and technical e-commerce at the highest level!

I can confidently recommend working with Digital360!

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