How did we find common ground with Colabo?

... very quickly! Every day there is a growing collective, social awareness. We are looking for good products that allow us to be ourselves without taking away this right of nature. For us, searching is not enough - we want someone to FIND, thanks to us. What they are looking for, themselves, and the answer. That is why we have decided to develop a line of environmentally conscious fragrances - sustainable, human and environmentally friendly.

It is surprising how quickly and well we understood each other and the client. At Digital360, we share virtually identical values and principles, relating them to the IT and web design market.


Colabo is an innovative company, creating natural cosmetics and perfumes for women. The company places a strong emphasis on ecology, respect for Mother Earth's natural resources, recycling and active participation in campaigns to educate and promote the effective recovery of raw materials from packaging, flacons and other materials used in the manufacture of its products.

One of Colabo's mottoes is "Be positive" - the owners actively support the trend of positivity towards themselves and the world around them. Looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses not only allows for self-acceptance, but also for the design and creation of a unique range of products that are gaining a growing reputation among users of Colabo cosmetics.


We have had more than one cosmetics company and more than one online shop for skincare products. However, since we felt from the very beginning that the collaboration with Colabo would be special... we approached the subject in an equally special way.

With a pastel colour palette that plays perfectly with the brand's inner “peace”, the equally calm yet beautiful packaging is something we wanted to showcase straight away. Over the course of the design process, we were able to develop uncluttered and simple typography that does not interfere with the perception of the graphics and photography.

Project assumptions

Each product has been given an extensive and interestingly designed subpage, also highlighting the stunning flacon and packaging images. At the very sight, one can even smell the fragrance of the respective cosmetic. All the goods on offer are fully vegan, are not tested on animals, are 90 % natural and their flacons are recyclable. We have illustrated all these features with dedicated infographics.

Web design these days is not just about looking neat on a laptop screen. It's also, or more importantly, about displaying properly on any mobile device available. This is no different with Colabo - the website looks great on both a laptop screen and a small smartphone. All of this ensures that the brand image is built on the basis of a positive and stable impression of the materials placed online.

In addition, we have created an interesting online quiz for users that shows mappings and scent types, guided by the tastes and daily habits of each recipient.

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Our work is a passion, which is why we work with pleasure and great commitment.
This clearly translates into the quality of our services and efficiency.

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