How we diagnosed and implemented a brand new website for Diather

For a client in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, we designed an innovative website, combining an image website and an online shop, aimed at doctors.


Diather is a company providing innovative solutions for doctors and patients themselves in the field of medical diagnostics and therapy. They specialise in rapid diagnostic tests and have a range of tests - from pregnancy tests to specialised tests for covid-19. The global and domestic epidemic situation called for a more comprehensive and accessible website.

The brand portfolio includes products for people with insulin resistance, diabetes. High-end glucometers and cholesterol meters are constantly in stock. During periods of lowered immunity, after antibiotic therapy and during gastrointestinal infections, they support patients with probiotics. These contain live strains of bacteria suitable for children as well as adults. Innovation, professionalism and knowledge are the company's strengths, with which they meet patients' expectations.


When working on a project for Diather, we had already completed several projects in the medical industry. Already knowing a bit about the industry, its most important aspects and limitations, we eagerly set to work on the concept and design of the layout, which was dominated by calm colours and a clean, medical style. Well-chosen, high-quality photographs completed the overall message for the final implementation of the entire website.

Project assumptions

Due to the pandemic situation in the world, there was a need to create a more extensive website, together with an online shop, where every patient would have access to a wide range of tests.

We designed and implemented as simple, clear and transparent a website as possible, where it is impossible to get lost - everything is kept in clean 'medical' colours and the navigation system is intuitive.

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Customer review

Diather had the great pleasure of working with the Digital360 agency on the development of an online shop with tests for home diagnostics. The service project was part of the steps taken to make the company Diather has had a successful online presence.

We received a functional IT solution, including an interesting and modern website design a web-based CMS system tailored to our needs and linked to our shop system - so that editing of the site as well as supervision of customer purchases is carried out in one place.

We highly value the punctuality, reliability and experience of the Digital360 agency, which, in addition, answered our questions quickly and efficiently, dispelled our doubts, shared their experience and provided advice. We were kept informed of progress at every stage of the project, and working with project manager was a pleasure.

We honestly recommend the Digital360 agency to all those who are looking for a reliable and credible partner for modern IT solutions.

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