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For our client, 'Na Zdrowie, Herbs & Medical', we created a comprehensive platform that is an online shop and knowledge base on herbalism and the use of herbs in medicine. Easy navigation, friendly and accessibly edited descriptions proved to be the most desirable aspects, which naturally, we were able to implement.


"Na zdrowie" is a company that has been on the market for 27 years - over the years it has consistently promoted and disseminated knowledge in the field of herbal medicine, through professional and factual advice. The brand boasts a long-standing tradition, which was started by the grandmother of the owners. Passion, passed down from generation to generation, has evolved into a place where customers who value a personalised approach are happy to return.

At 'Na zdrowie', they believe that physical, mental as well as emotional health go hand in hand with the proper functioning of the body and know the importance of herbs in the daily diet. The vision created is to create awareness of the harmony between man and nature while promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Na Zdrowie Herbarium is a place dripping in a wealth of exclusively natural herbal medicines, cosmetics, healthy food or different types of tea. The brand works with trusted suppliers from all over the world offering the highest quality products that are 100% free of glucose-fructose syrup.


Our work started with some solid market research - when starting our discernment we were a little unsure what to expect - how saturated is the online herbal market? Do all online shops have an online consultation facility? Is one-stop counselling standard here?

As it turned out, the emerging project has a chance to fill a niche and market need, and we were all the more keen and anxious to make the layout and information architecture as functional as possible. We managed to create a neat and uncluttered layout, illustrated with good-quality photographs that complemented the whole.

Project assumptions

The client's brief was to create an intuitive and easy-to-use online shop with the possibility of professional online advice. Everything, naturally, had to be consistent, in line with the corporate identity book.

The consultation panel had to be designed and implemented so that enquiries could be handled from both the mailbox and the system of the shop itself - such a comprehensive solution was possible to implement, thanks to Woocommerce.

This is complemented by the company's blog, which is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge, a database of advice and good practice that is gaining increasing recognition among customers. Maintaining a blog is also a great opportunity to improve your SEO results - by editing valuable and essential texts, we are able to significantly improve our "ranking" in Google.

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Our work is a passion, which is why we work with pleasure and great commitment.
This clearly translates into the quality of our services and efficiency.

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