MALOVALISMY... and we painted up Malovan's tea shop!

The collaboration with Malovana was downright concert-like. And we don't mean in terms of spotlights and loud music! On the contrary - over a delicious cup of tea (!), with an abundance of inspiration and heads full of ideas... we created a website and an online shop for enthusiasts of high quality teas.

The owners of the brand believe in a 'tea tomorrow', that is, they want to arouse curiosity about tea, spreading the awareness that tea is an endless possibility to create flavour combinations, stimulating blends, a fantastic alternative to caffeine.


Malovana is a Polish brand, one of the few tea brands that does not refer in any way to the British roots of the tea drinking tradition. The company wants to create its own tea-drinking tradition, full of self-care and daily rituals.


With great excitement we set about designing, researching the market and trying (some for the first time ever, seriously-seriously! :) ) different flavours of tea. For inspiration, we created a lot of illustrations in calm pastel colours, so that the whole gave a coherent message. We managed to create a fantastic design, cleverly tied together in an aesthetically pleasing and useful website layout.

We opted for a simple, two-dimensional flat-design illustration, which, combined with a pastel colour palette, results in a very aesthetically pleasing message. Specially designed and implemented effects in the product cards give a unique atmosphere and character. The large spaces add breath, which, with the colour scheme used, further enhances and highlights what is most important - the beautiful tea packaging with its various compositions and fragrances.

Project assumptions

The client's brief was to create a shop that reflects the spirit, the company's main motto. We believe this has been 100% successful! The beautiful illustrations and consistent packaging add an aesthetic and character that makes you almost feel the aroma of typical tea shops when you enter the shop.

Web design these days is not just about looking neat on a laptop screen. It's also, or above all, about displaying properly on any available mobile device. Malovan's website is no different - the site, thanks to simple graphic treatments, looks great on both a laptop screen and a small smartphone. All of this ensures that the brand image is built on the positive and stable tone of the materials placed online.

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