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Some time ago, the subject of CBD oils was neglected in Poland and not much was said about them. There have also been few quality websites about how they work or how to buy them. Therefore, we have created a website for our client, where recipients can purchase easily-applicable CBD products and treat the site as a source of reliable and true knowledge about the oils, free of fake and harmful information.

ENCANN products are produced in Poland, from hemp from the European Union. Only selected varieties of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant are used, which have the appropriate concentration of cannabinoids in their inflorescences.


Encann is a company that takes full advantage of the potential offered by the plants of the Cananbis Sativa L. The right combination of active cannabinoids together with aromatic terpenes and beneficial cannabis seed oil creates the desired synergistic effect in Encann products. Careful attention is also paid to customer convenience - dispensing oils has never been easier - with a convenient applicator, precise dosing of products is possible.

The production process involves testing all intermediates and final products so as to control their composition and parameters. In this way, Encann guarantees safety, quality and appropriate concentrations of CBD. The brand is constantly working to introduce new products and improve current ones.


We really like challenges and unusual projects, the implementation of which teaches us something and helps us gain even more experience. For Encann, we created an appropriately sized image website and an online shop, offering products. Here, too, we were guided by simplicity, readability and simplifying the purchasing process as much as possible to further shorten the retailer-customer journey

Project assumptions

The project involved the creation of a knowledge base on CBD oils, together with an online shop where each product is clearly and reliably described. In this way, an information platform was created, thanks to which the recipient can count on finding answers to their questions and being professionally served. Appropriate typography, consistent with the brand logo, a pastel colour scheme and carefully selected photographs complete the design and make it look extremely elegant and professional.

At Digital360, we know and apply the latest coding standards, so we haven't forgotten about responsive design and optimisation of graphic materials for fast loading and smooth operation of the entire website.

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