How did we create an online shop for GALA?

Delicious fruit in a delicious new online shop! This was our aim when we designed a completely new website for GALA. We focused on creating an attractive layout, simplified the look of the site to give it clarity and order, and improved the technology so that it is now much simpler and intuitive to use. It takes just 2 or 3 clicks to find the information and products you are looking for.


The company "Gala vegetables and fruits" has existed since 1992. The object of its activity is to supply vegetables and fruit to wholesale and retail customers in the Pomeranian Province. It is a family company whose priority is to meet the expectations of its contractors by providing high quality distribution.

The brand works with a number of farmers across Poland and imports goods from the Netherlands and Spain. In 2009. Production is geared towards selling to Gala wholesalers. The farm owned by Adam Weichbroth is located in the municipality of Suchy Dąb in the village of Krzywe Koło. The owner takes personal care to ensure that the fruit trees produce a healthy crop.


Although we initially had a great desire to create a very modern and innovative website, which would be very different in design from industry websites, simplicity and ux won out in the end... After analysing the market and target groups, we came to the conclusion that the client's main need was for maximum simplicity and clarity, rather than showy and innovative.

Of course, as always, we comprehensively addressed the optimisation of the code, graphic assets and more, as well as the mobile versions. As a result, the new website is fully usable and intuitive for all audiences, regardless of what device they are viewing the offer on.

Project assumptions

The website is kept in the colours red and grey and white. The red colour refers to the logotype, and the grey and white harmonises perfectly with the dominant red. The design is complemented by a catalogue of products offered permanently and seasonally to customers.

As mentioned above, the client's primary concern was the site's simplicity and usability, so the simple forms used in the design, good quality photographs and colours consistent with the corporate identity, fulfil these assumptions 100%. In addition, we also created a properly implemented CMS system, giving the client full control over the look and content of the site. A simple WYSIWYG (what you see is that you get) editor is easy to use even for a person unfamiliar with the Wordpress system. This keeps the website updated and "alive".

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Customer review

I can confirm that Digital360 interactive agency, in collaboration with us, has realised a modern 2020 website and online shop design

The work resulted in the creation of an unusual, innovative service through which logged-in users can make purchasing food products in bulk and at competitive prices.

Despite the demanding requirements and extensive scope of work, Digital360 rose to the challenge, fully delivering on the assigned task. In addition, the team showed great flexibility and were willing to shared his experience - both in terms of graphics and development/programming.

We are delighted to recommend Digital360 to anyone looking for a professional an interactive agency for innovative and advanced projects.

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