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The Interfit online sanitary shop is a realisation through which we learned the ins and outs of installing and fitting fittings, connectors, faucets or silicone covers in showers. It was a lot of fun for us to be able to design 'something big' for 'something so small' - but how necessary and important Everything managed to come together in a neat and aesthetically pleasing design that converts and generates an increase in visits and purchases every month.


Interfit is a modern shop offering fittings for glass. The company offers products designed for the installation and use of shower enclosures, doors, all-glass walls or balustrades.

The brand's priority is top quality and minimalist design, in keeping with the décor of contemporary homes and commercial buildings. There is no shortage of accessories for working with glass, which facilitate installation and ensure the highest quality of glass construction. The company also offers glass maintenance accessories for the care of mirrors and glass. Interfit is the place for everyone who wants to use the full potential of glass elements.


It took us a long time to get to know the entire range of the brand - getting to know and understand the applications of the products is something we had to learn in order to properly prepare the layout of the website and online shop.

At Digital360, we fully understand the need to know the market and the client's competition before any project, so our market research was conducted diligently and on a global scale.

We have succeeded in creating an uncluttered design, using simple forms and shapes to emphasise the qualities and beauty of the products on offer, and the whole has been complemented by technological facilities such as an intuitive search engine and automatically optimised graphics, which are loaded in the correct size and weight from the administration panel.

Project assumptions

It has become a standard that usability and simplicity are paramount in this type of project. If we need to buy components for a shower enclosure, we won't marvel at the complexity and effects of the online shop we happen to come across, but simply make (or not) a purchase of the goods we are interested in.

Intuitiveness is something we have also spent a lot of time on - in a maximum of three clicks, the customer is able to get to the product they are interested in, find out more and make a decision.

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Our work is a passion, which is why we work with pleasure and great commitment.
This clearly translates into the quality of our services and efficiency.

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