UniqueCos - 100% nature and ecology in cosmetics

And, as always, 100% of our commitment, interesting ideas and solutions to help all clients build their brands, naturally!

For Unique Cosmetics, we have created a simple online shop where natural and vegan cosmetics for the face, body and hair play the first fiddle.


Unique Cosmetics is a company that distributes natural and vegan cosmetic brands of the highest quality, which are renowned worldwide. A vast experience of many years guarantees the highest quality of the products offered and the services provided.

The company takes great care to select only cosmetics that use natural ingredients and their packaging is recyclable. Cruelty-free certification is also important, i.e. all products offered by Unique Cosmetics are not tested on animals.


With more than one cosmetics shop in our portfolio, we knew from the outset that this project had to be DIFFERENT - elegant but not "dripping" with gold (and palm trees :) ), simple but not "bald", pretty but not kitsch.

We were delighted to receive high-quality product photos from the client, which provided us with a substantial dose of new inspiration and ideas. We managed to implement the best ones - as can be seen in the final design.

Project assumptions

The client wanted the biggest and most reputable cosmetics brands to be properly displayed, readable and usable on all devices. As Digital360 is a full-service web design company, all these requirements were met.

Good quality product photography plus our minimalist design and intuitive menus give the image of a stable and professional company that continues to develop its services while remaining 'eco' - caring for the environment and sustainability goals.

To complement the entire website, there is also a dedicated blog tab, which additionally serves as a knowledge base for the audience and a quite substantial 'storehouse' of key phrases for better and more effective positioning of the website in web browsers.

Responsywność to obecnie standardowy element przy projektowaniu i wdrażaniu jakichkolwiek projektów w sieci, toteż Unique Cosmetics na każdym urządzeniu prezentuje się nienagannie, schludnie i elegancko.

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Customer review

Our work is a passion, which is why we work with pleasure and great commitment.
This clearly translates into the quality of our services and efficiency.

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