Visual Identification

Technology is for us the creative tool...

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Visual Identification

Technology is for us the creative tool...

Branding / naming – the key to effective marketing and the door to brand success. We will make your brand visible and recognizable.

  • Naming (a company name creation)

    It is not easy to name a company and many customers have a problem with it. We offer a professional creation of a catchy name for an emerging brand. All this is based on a broad market analysis, domain availability and general trends prevailing in a given industry. We also offer keyword matching, necessary for further positioning.

  • Branding (Creating a logo or logotype)

    Branding builds awareness of an emerging company. We develop a logo graphic mark with a signature in a version and formats completely scalable and distributable in print and for use on the Internet.
    The branding service includes:

    • 3 logo designs to choose from
    • logo in vector version
    • monochrome version
    • transfer of copyrights and property rights
    • logo supplied in vector formats: ai, pdf, eps and raster formats: png
    We also assist in the process of trademark registration and reservation by transferring copyrights and property rights to the customer.

  • Rebranding

    Rebranding is simply the process of changing the perception of a brand by changing the elements of its communication. This is mainly related to the change of logo, name or color. Thinking about rebranding, one should think carefully about the legitimacy of such a procedure – depending on the size of the company, such an action will involve additional work and costs.
    Deciding to rebrand, we want to refresh the perception of our brand and thus achieve a better position on the market.
    A mere change of the logo cannot be called rebranding - rebranding has much deeper and wider meaning - it is associated with a change in the strategy, thinking and perception of the company.

  • Sign Book/Visual Identification

    The sign book is a set of rules according to which the designed logo can and should be used. There are also rules for the design and appearance of such materials as envelopes, letterhead or business cards. In addition, as needed, the graphic designer can also include the design of such gadgets as cups, gift bags, offer folders, lanyards, pens, notebooks, brooch covers, T-shirts, etc.
    The basic sign book contains:

    1. Basic versions,
    2. Horizontal versions,
    3. Monochrome,
    4. Single-colour,
    5. Application of proportions,
    6. As appropriate - protective fields,
    7. Calibration,
    8. Backgrounds
    9. Business cards
    10. Letterhead paper
    11. Envelope
    12. Notebook
    13. Delivered in pdf, jpg, png, ai format
    14. Transfer of copyrights

  • Graphic design and printing

    We also offer our clients full graphic design and printing services, we design and make business cards, company papers, notebooks, envelopes, banners, rollups, posters, commemorative calendars and much more.
    Thanks to the experience and extensive knowledge of the graphic team, our prints are always characterized by good colour reproduction and diligence. Feel invited to use our services!

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We are free from stereotypes, which is why technology is for us the most creative tool that allows us to see the future in bright colors.

Stereotypes have always killed potential, so knowing how important innovative solutions are for our customers, we definitely say No to shortcuts and avoid going easy. Satisfaction is the best reward, hence the surest of open minds we travel the path of virtual reality escaping from the system.

We are not alike, our realizations are not the same, we avoid schemes, therefore, free from ballast, we create a product in which internal fire burns. We skillfully read the needs, if necessary gently refining the original idea, we finalize the implementation by lifting it to the highest possible level, convinced that the strength lies in passion and unbound vision.


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