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We are ahead of trends, we do not follow them.

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Online Store Design

We are ahead of trends, we do not follow them.

Online stores with full functionality, beautiful graphics and, which is a must-have – mobile version. We implement payment systems, we implement your profits!

Examples of our online stores:

  • Online stores on popular platforms (Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce, etc.)

    We design and implement online stores. Choosing the right tool on which we base a given shopping service requires a detailed interview with the customer - to get to know his/her ideas, needs and the general idea of the brand. During the meeting, we are happy to share knowledge and experience, suggest favourable solutions and provide answers to troubling questions. This form is the most beneficial for both parties and also affects the speed of work, so if possible, we encourage you to meet at our headquarters or online.

  • Online store of individual character (from a blank sheet)

    In the online store design model, we can use publicly available, specially prepared templates, which, depending on the needs and tastes of the customer, we will change and edit, or we can create a completely new design of individual character and features. In this case, we design every possible element from scratch, giving it a completely unique style.

  • Copywriting

    We also offer a professional copywriting services. It is no secret that Google bots classify and index websites in terms of text quality - which is why it is very important to take care of the substantive content of our website properly - in the long run, such action will definitely pay off!

  • Translation into 12 languages (Native Speaker)

    Professional translation of websites is almost as important as writing texts in your native language - we use external good translation agencies that provide certificates of translated content in order to maintain the highest standard of services provided.

  • Taking photos of products

    Product photography is currently very popular - but it isn't such a “piece of cake” - it is difficult for a layman, without proper software and equipment, to unify product photos so that they look good on the store's website. That's why we also offer our help in this aspect - friendly photographers will make consistent packshots for you, which will be a professional showcase of the emerging brand.

  • Legal support (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Warranty, etc.)

    After the GDPR privacy clause came into force, as well as restrictions on regulations, especially regarding purchases in online stores, the preparation of legally correct documents became a necessity. We are able to help you in choosing a law firm that performs such services for our clients.

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We are living the dream of the future. Our vision is ahead of trends and the horizon of action is a bold, courageous and decisive look into the future.

This is not enough for us now, so we see more and more in our vision. More and more spectacularly, so as to always be one step ahead of the Now. The painting is of the greatest importance, so with the eyes of the imagination we paint unconventional solutions that immediately fall into memory and make you return to them with joy.

We know that websites are art, so our projects are full of emotions and passion for work. They are free from restrictions, so they are not good, they are the best! Together with the client, we take the first step on the path to business success, convinced that a bold vision always leads to success, remembering that this moment is a virtual cornerstone from which a powerful monument will be created.


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