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We provide interactive solutions for business

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Web design

We provide interactive solutions for business

An essential element in today's world. We present the company in a perfect light, we polish every detail, we think outside the box. In accordance with our mission, we focus only on modern websites that will always be attractive to the recipient.

  • Website

    The website project has two models of cooperation:

    1. By choosing one graphic designer, the client gives us full freedom and gives the team confidence - based on the latest trends, many years of experience, as well as usability, mobility and subsequent positioning of graphics, he creates a graphic design of the website, which then presents its concept for graphics.
      In case that the project does not matches the client's taste, then the concept is changed and the focus is on the client's exact guidelines.
    2. Since we have a team of graphic designers, we can arrange an internal graphic competition for the home page design and show some extremely different ideas on the same topic. The customer decides which graphic designer the entire implementation will be carried out with.

  • Website of individual character (tailor-made)

    Having a team of experienced graphic designers, we are able to provide diversity and the ability to choose which style of web design will suit your expectations and tastes. We are most willing to work in a model in which we can count on the trust of the client, who will give us a freedom in creating - as a result we can show creativity and experience.

  • Landing Page

    That is, a business card website of a given brand, product or service. This is the first, main page that a user comes to after clicking on an advertising link on social media or through a search engine.
    Thanks to many years of experience, each of our website designs is a fully individual product, personalized in respect to the tastes and expectations of customers. The market research of a given industry is also crucial, its trends, specifics and solutions applied by competitive enterprises.
    Due to such a comprehensive approach, we guarantee full satisfaction.

  • Designing Artwork - Layout

    Designing an artwork, i.e. the layout of the home page, is a process that must be based on an interview with the customer and on a short research of the competition.
    Flat projects in the form of JPG images that say nothing about user-experience are no longer needed - to create websites we use the latest Adobe XD software, thanks to which we have the opportunity to show the structure of the page and the proposed effects of movement/animation on clickable mockups - this gives a general outline of the designed website, the customer can trace all connections and subpages, as well as manually click through the whole in terms of usability and visual qualities.

  • Encoding based on the highest standards

    Our team of programmers are real website code virtuosos! We operate only on the basis of the latest and best coding standards, taking into account the semantics of the order of elements, naming, as well as the possibility of further expansion of the site.
    Each source code is fully optimized for the elements visible on the page - that is, there is no room for redundant libraries, lines of code that load every time the page is refreshed. Thanks to this, the websites we design work quickly and are positioned well.

  • Optimization

    We optimize the services we create in the best possible way, i.e. we shorten the source code of pages as much as possible, as well as we optimize all graphic files - all for the best positioning in organic Google results.

  • Technical support

    We add standard technical support to every website, online store or dedicated service for a period of 12 months. After this time, it is possible to extend the support at a preferential price.

  • Hosting/Server

    In our offer we also have a hosting service - we store websites on a server and we also comprehensively configure and take care of the structure of e-mail boxes. Thanks to this, we can provide services at the highest level because our response time to all events is much faster.

Please contact us: +353 1 960 1612 / hello@digital360.ie

We know that only interactive solutions lead to success in business. We care about the satisfaction of our customers by creating a wide spectrum of possibilities.

Open-source software is above all a sense of independence and freedom – energy for innovative ideas, original proposals and daring projects. We are confident in our knowledge and experience, which is why we offer our partners the opportunity to use the services of another agency after the completion of the joint project. We can do a lot, we translate passion and commitment into the realizations that are our established brand.

We understand our work, which is why Digital360 projects earn their keep, constantly reaching a wide range of recipients in a given industry. In accordance with our mission, we focus only on modern websites that will always be attractive to the recipient.


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