Dedicated services

We use our knowledge and deliver results

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Dedicated services

We use our knowledge and deliver results

Websites, discussion forums have no secrets from us. We create comprehensive services, ready for use.

  • Preparation of technical specification

    At the customer's request, we perform a full technical specification of the created and implemented product - a website, an online store or a dedicated service.

  • CRM

    CRM is an abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management, or otherwise it is a system for managing customer relations. We make and implement professional systems based on many years of experience and customer needs. These can be individual creations designed from scratch, adapted one hundred percent to a given company, or created on the basis of already existing, the most standard ones.

  • Settlement systems

    Complicated settlement systems are no secret for our programmers - we have completed several larger projects with the use of various computing systems - including warehouse orders and online currency exchange offices.

  • Generating Contracts

    Our achievements also include several advanced systems which facilitate generating contracts with customers - mainly for the telecommunications industry. However, none of these projects can be included in our portfolio due to the conditions of the confidentiality agreement.

  • Generating proposals

    Digitalisation and technological advances now offer almost unlimited opportunities to make transactions, signing contracts without leaving your own couch. Following this development, we create professional systems for automatic offer generation with value calculations, ready to print.

  • API Coupling

    When implementing online stores, we perform API system couplings - we have experience in using both external product databases, as well as in online payment couplings or courier companies.

  • Booking systems

    For the catering industry and not only, we also make reservation systems of varying complexity - we comprehensively adjust solutions used to the planned budgets and provide advice on important questions and choose the right solutions.

  • Online Ordering Modules

    Ordering online, which is so popular among online stores, can also be heavily personalized. We make individual purchase creators of characteristic products, tailored to the customer's character, guidelines and needs.

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Knowledge builds the future. We consciously use skills and experience to ensure that the results of our work satisfy our partners.

Challenges are our specialty, and in the hands of the Digital360 team, nothing is impossible. We create customer success thanks to the constant momentum to develop our skills, which, supported by experience, allow us to implement spectacular and unforgettable projects.

We are the team of specialists, ready to take on any challenge, constantly improving our competences during systematic training documented by numerous certificates. We clearly share our responsibilities, knowing that only work done with reverence, commitment and experience will have the expected final.


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