Multimedia speaking - we have created a new Multimedia operator website!

The project of a cable and telecommunications operator, was quite a challenge for us, not only in terms of design, but also usability considerations. Having researched the target groups (which are... broad in this industry after all :) ), it turned out that the preferences of younger audiences, exclude those of older ones and vice versa. In view of this, certain compromises had to be made.


Multimedia Polska is a leading nationwide cable and telecommunications operator, providing services to individual and business customers. It offers its customers digital television with video on demand (VoD), fixed and mobile broadband internet, as well as fixed and mobile telephony services. One of the first Polish providers of the tripleplay service, combining television, internet and telephone in one package. Tripleplay subscribers benefit from using several services in one package, paying less than for individual services purchased separately. Subscribers to bundled services are also covered by additional loyalty programmes and promotions. Multimedia Polska is currently part of the Vectra group


Our initial assumptions and ideas were quickly verified by target group research. As the results turned out to be extremely different, we relied on what always works - simple, clear design, good usability and a subtle corporate accent in the form of a bright gradient, present in the brand's visual identity. This meant that the change in the graphic design of the website, was not drastic.

The final result was a pretty slick and aesthetically pleasing design that combines what we do best at Website Style - elegance, modernity and usability in design as well as website implementation.

Project assumptions

In addition to refreshing and re-granularising the site's structure, the client wanted a fresh look for the site and to implement modern solutions to improve the user experience.

Moving the entire menu from the top of the page to the left-hand side of the screen and stick it to the left edge turned out to be a milestone - this gave us quite a lot of space for logical development. Thanks to the well-chosen colour scheme, adding the individual elements and arranging them was just the icing on the cake.

Naturally, we took care of the latest coding standards, as well as responsive versions - adapted to all mobile devices. An important aspect was also the adaptation of the new website to WCAG requirements, which was naturally also designed and implemented.

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